Simple Disect TSX v1.2b Help

  1. Overview
  2. Installation
  3. Operation
  4. Settings
  5. Support
  6. Distribution
  7. History

I. Overview
Simple Disect TSX divides the selected edges of a polyhedron or subdivision object into equal parts..

II. Installation
Copy or unzip the simpledisect folder to the trueSpace tsx directory. Use the trueSpace "Install new plugin" tool and select the simpledisect.tsx file from the simpledisect folder.

III. Operation
To use Simple Disect TSX select an edge or edges on a polyhedron or subdivision object. Then click the Simple Disect TSX button or the "Apply" button in the Settings dialog.

IV. Settings
Right-click the Simple Disect TSX button to open the Settings dialog. The dialog looks like the graphic below.

The "Number of Divisions" specifies the number of times each edge will be divided. It can range from 1 to 9. A setting of 1 will divide the selected edges into 2 equal parts. A setting of 9 will divide the edges into 10 equal parts.

The "Select" group controls what Simple Disect TSX does after dividing the edges. "Nothing" will clear the selection. Basically, nothing will be selected. "New Edges" will select the new edges that are created after division.. This allows immediate redividing of the new edges. "New Vertexes" will select the new vertexes that are created. This is useful for performing certain point-edit operations after division.

Select Nothing

Select Edges

Select Vertexes

The final option in the Settings dialog is the "Connect New Vertexes" option (Not operational in 1.2b). Enabling this option limits Simple Bisect TSX to dividing only two edges per face, but it provides a very useful function in exchange for this limitation. It will connect the new vertexes on each of the two edges. Below are some examples using this setting.

V. Support
Please visit for support information for Simple Disect TSX. Simple Disect TSX is freeware. No guarantees can be made about its functionality, reliability, or safety. Use of Simple Disect TSX is at your own risk.

VI. Distribution
Simple Disect TSX may be distributed in its unaltered archive form as obtained from Unless a specific agreement is in place, no money may be charged for Simple Disect TSX or access to it.

Commercial distribution requires prior approval. Please visit for information on requesting approval for commercial distribution.

The privilege of any party to distribute Simple Disect TSX may be terminated at any time.

VII. History
1.2.0b 5-5-2002
-Changed name from Simple Bisect TSX to Simple Disect TSX (Last time. Promise.) to be more descriptive of the current functionality.
-Added Settings Dialog.
-Added option for disecting of edges more than once
-Added option to select new vertexes and edges after disection
-Added HTML help file (help.htm).
-Removed readme.txt (added contents to help.htm).

1.1.0 2-7-2002
-Changed name from Bisect TSX to Simple Bisect TSX.
-This version requires trueSpace 5.2 or trueSpace 5.1 SP2.
-Enabled bisecting of multiple edges.
-Implimented version checking routine. Should report error with versions lower than 5.2 or 5.1 SP2.

1.0.2 1-15-2002
-The button has been changed to make it brighter and easier to identify.

1.0.1 1-15-2002
-A small correction to the web address has been made to the TSX and the readme file.

1.0.0 1-15-2002
-First release.

Simple Disect TSX ©2002 by Ken Tylman.
Caligari, trueSpace, and TSX are properties of Caligari Corporation